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Hey, Gorgeous!

Thanks so very much for stopping by today!

My name is Tia and I am the founder/owner of Mila & Grace. Every piece in this boho inspired collection is hand chosen by yours truly. If I wouldn’t wear it, I’m not going to expect you to either! I only choose the best of the best, all while bringing gorgeous boho fashion to you at amazing prices. My husband Nathan and I have been married for 11 years and we have two fabulous kiddos - Cooper (7) and Mila Grace (4 months). When I’m not handpicking amazing products for you and preparing your orders to ship, I’m basically snuggling a baby girl and attempting to survive the baby phase. Give me all the coffee, please. Feel me? 

So what’s the inspiration behind M+G?

I’ve always preferred loose, flowy clothing. But since I had kiddos and got my #mombod that’s all I wear. Not only do I love the look of gorgeous boho chic pieces, I am addicted to the comfort. And you know what else? I feel MORE CONFIDENT in this style. I could find pieces that fit my style here and there if I searched around far and wide. But what if there was a place that could be a one-stop boho shop? Somewhere I could grab my flowy tops, kimonos, slouchy cardigans, and hippie accessories that I love so much?! Ermahgerd.

So I decided to create just that because I know I can’t be the only one craving this type of experience. So thank you for following along this journey with me. My wish is that you love your experience and the convenience of it all. Beautiful pieces are rolling in every day and I can't wait for you to get them in your hands and your closet. 




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